Start on a new movie

May 15, 2008 at 1:03 am (Animation) ()

Hey everyone. I e-mailed StrangeClock a while back to see if he wanted to narrate my new movie: THE GORGE. He accepted, and I just got the narration today! I’m pretty excited, because I can now work on the movie itself! I started work on the first two scenes, and I am happy to say that it is turning out great! But I shouldn’t be worrying about any deadlines right now, because I have all year to work on it. I am submitting it to an animation festival next year, so a whole year of beefing it up for me! For now though, I should get to work on my Clockday 2008 movie.


This is a screenshot from the first scene of the gorge, my upcoming movie.A screenshot from my clockday movie.



  1. chris12 said,

    so, will you show us screenshots from the epic one, or the beret clock days

  2. beretclock said,

    I’m not that far into the animation process, so I can’t really give any new screenshots yet.

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