Okay, Heart to Heart, guys.

December 12, 2009 at 4:13 am (General)

Okay guys. I’m “back.” I know I don’t really update this blog ever, but that’s because life comes around and we have very long chats.

Before I go into my boring life, I’ll talking about new stuff I’ve made.

First of all, I started an art collaboration on Newgrounds back in september (I think) where you made a 600×600 pxl image with only three colours. Any differentiation counted as one of your three colours. It made the artist think in new ways about how to draw their piece.

After a few months of compiling and dealing with issues, it was finally submitted on Newgrounds, and got Daily Feature and a frontpage!!!

You can view the TriColour Collab here.

Other movies and shit that I’ve done are:

Uneaten Saturdays – My Clockday Movie

Watch it here.

Flash Battle with TapedeckClock

Watch it here.

Anti-Clockday 2009

Watch it here.

Welcome To The Big Top

Watch it here. <This one I’m pretty proud of, as it was my first frontpage on newgrounds, and my first real attempt at frame by frame animation.

That’s all I can really think of to watch of my animation (Evil clouds is a joke haha)

So here are some films.

The Library Keeper

A short film I made after school with some friends. Mostly improv. Watch it here.

Whose Leg is That?

For a summer film fest at my school. Watch it here.

Hard at Work

Film kids being productive. Watch it here.

ESA Film Promo

Something for the department. Watch it here.

Leaves Dammit!

Clark and I disagree with grammar. I am usually the one to correct people irl. Watch it here.

So that’s about it for being productive, now for sappy life stuff! Yay!

Just kidding, I’m not up to that task tonight. I’ll save it for another post.




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