A song! A new film! SOME OTHER STUFF!!!

January 28, 2010 at 5:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello fellers, I’ve made a song!

I made music a while ago, but it was really shitty. I decided to make something new when I was bored, mainly focusing on drums. You can listen to it HERE.

I also worked on a film with a friend, and you can watch that HERE.

Anyways, the whole band thing really isn’t working out, and I have a feeling we aren’t going to last much longer. (There are a few ego issues, and the fact that we suck.) I think it’s been a good exercise for me, as I became more inspired to learn guitar, and I’m having more fun doing it the better I get!

Another friend of mine (Olivia) has been working on scripts with me, and it’s kind of a tradition to not listen in history class and pass a peice of paper back and forth, just screen-writing. It’s fun, and you might see one of those films on youtube in the future! Just look out for “Plan C.”

Anywho, I’ve got the next week off due to exam period, and I’ve finished all of mine. I’ll try to be productive in the aforementioned timespan.




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